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What is RealPages.ca?
RealPages.ca is an advanced business directory. Valuable standard features include a hot-link to your business website, instant map locator, and Stealth E-mail. Bonus features not found ANYWHERE ELSE are community listings and KeyWord RealSearch.

What is KeyWord RealSearch?
Most local businesses cannot be found easily by means of internet search engines. And internet directories do not offer the search options of search engines. The KeyWord RealSearch of RealPages.ca combines the best of Search Engines and of Directories. For example, if your business sells "oversize gizmos" enter that phrase into the KeyWord box. You are allowed 1500 characters, so maximize this feature to include all your key products and services.
( CLICK HERE to see example for "calgary samosas" and then click the button to view.)

What are the fees and features?

How do I get listed?
Just click Add a listing, fill in the form, that's it.

How do I list without an email address?
Instead of an email address enter your real phone area code, a hyphen, your phone number, the "@" character, and "no_email.nul". Listers using this syntax cannot receive mail because the address is undeliverable - and not shown in searches. Note: real email addresses may be obtained free from many websites.

Example: 555-123-4567@no_email.nul

How do I change my listing?
Login. Choose Edit My Listings

Can I add more category listings?
Yes. Choose Login > Add Listings

Can I add new categories?
Yes! You can suggest a new category. Send us an e-mail

I forgot my password
Click Look up Password

Does this site use cookies?
If you register, RealPages.ca sets a cookie on your local machine. When you return, up to a year later, your email and password are filled in for you. The cookie automatically expires after one year if you do nothing. If you uncheck the box then no cookie will be set.

What is a stealth e-mail?
E-mail addresses are not published online. When a visitor tries to reach you by e-mail the system uses a unique number to identify you. All the visitor can see, if they view source, is your unique number. When the visitor sends a message the system looks up your e-mail address in the database with the unique number and sends mail in the background. The visitor never knows and can not know what your real email address is. It is never shown. (If your e-mail is published online, you are begging for spam to be sent to you via spam robots.)

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